Monday, July 13, 2015


This is my Friend 
She lives in Chicago with my good friend Katina. 
Her Grandson tells us about Sadie. 
Read below Sadie's smiling face.  

Sadie is a five year old pit-bull.
She is obedient to commands. 
She is gentle and loving, unless she chases squirrels.
She loves playing with children and rolling on the floor with them. 
Never bites them, even when they put their hands in her mouth.
She loves walks, hot weather, and sunbathing in the patio. 
She gets very excited when she gets her cheese treat but she also loves peanut butter spread on her kongball. By, Constantine. 

1 comment:

Katina Vaselopulos said...

Dear Edel,
I am so glad you and Sadie became friends.
She is lucky to have a friend like you!
Can you imagine how much fun the two of you would have if you ever came to Chicago?
Or, if she ever came to Florida?
If we believe, dreams do come true!
Constantine will be very happy to know that Sadie has such a nice friend as you!
Love you, Edel!
Be well!