Monday, November 17, 2014

My New Friend Lilly

Hi People,
Just look at my new Internet friend, Lilly! 
What a fine canine specimen. 
She knows how to keep her Family happy. 
Take a look at what her Mom, Brooke Lyne says about her. 
Thank you Lilly and Brooke Lynn for staring on my blog. 

Good Morning Edelweiss"s People and doggie friends. 
I am sending you Lilly's Favorite pictures. 
She is a Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog with plenty of hair to share all year round! 
Lilly just had her Birthday October 25th and Turned 8 years old. 
She is the sweetest, loving, patient, and kind dog. 
Her only down fall is her ability to bark loudly at anything and everything! 
She loves to go for long walks, Play Frisbee, Read books about puppy love and bask in the coldest weather we can get in Washington DC. 
Her favorite friend is Mr. Possum, who visits the garden and taunts her while hanging off the wooden fence. Mr Possum is a nuisance but his beady eyes and rat like tail keep me away from him. 
Lilly is Sweet. Lovable and the best Doggie ever. 
Thank you, Edelweiss,
Brooke Lynn 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Baby Time

My People, 
Mom is just all goo goo 
Over this tooter. 
Last night she came home smelling 
A little too funky. 
She definitely smelled like my 
Nephew Paco
But there was another unidentified smell. 
I hope she does not wallow in that one again.