Monday, January 27, 2014


Let's Go Out
on a Varmit Hunt!!
I'll invite Dad. 

Monday, January 13, 2014


This is my Cuz-bo 
You People know him. 
He dressed up like 
Scar Face 
With SNOW on his nose. 
He is off playing in the snow with his mom and dad. 
Go Roscoe. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

My 2014 Word

My People: 
This is me Edelweiss, Dictating to my Mom. 
Mom said a lot of our writer friends are picking a word to last all year. Mom asked me what my word would be. I thought about my favorite words. 
I ask Mom what her word would be. Mom said her word was “survive”. 
I thought about that. I sure hope Mom survives. She feed me my Iams. 
Dad does not seem to know how to feed me. He will ask Mom a few times a day if she fed me. 
Mom can say, “Yes.” 
Mom can say, “No” 
It does not seem to change what she does. Mostly she types. 
Then I thought some more about Iams. Delicious Doggie stuff. 
Now that is a favorite word of mine. “Iams.” Still I kept thinking. 
Now Doggie is a favorite word of mine. “Doggie” a good word. 
Egg is a favorite word of mine. Still I kept thinking. 
Then I asked my Dad what his word would be for this year. Now that is a word I like. “Dad.” Dad is my favorite people you all know. 
I said, “Dad what is your favorite word?” 
Dad said, “Be Quiet!” 
I said, “Dad that is two words.” 
Dad said, “Quiet.” 
So I decided Dad’s word is “Quiet”. He did not explain why. It seems like he would like so many more words, Like “TV” or “Popcorn.” 
Actually I like popcorn Quit a bit. “Popcorn.” 
I like that word. 
I looked out the window and realized that may be my very favorite word. “Out.” Yep I like “Out.” 
Then I thought about all the things I like to do when I go out. I like to run. “Run” is a favorite word. 
I like squirrels. “Squirrels”. Is a good word. 
I like to chase lizards. “Lizard” is a good word. 
Then Mom told me to come in. “Come” is not a favorite word of mine. 
Then I thought about the things I like to do inside. 
I like to play ball. I have had my ball since I was a little squirt. A while back my ball got sick. Dad brought me a new ball home. It is hard and Red. It rolls pretty much straight. 
Mom did surgery on my old ball and it got well. My old ball is Green and rolls in all directions. I have been trying to teach it to roll straight my whole life. 
My balls hide sometimes under the bed and Dad has to crawl under the bed and get them. But he only does it when Mom makes him. 
So “Ball” is a favorite work of mine. 
“What did Mom say?” 
I have to decide now. Mom is tired of typing. 
“Ok, which word do I want?” 
“Hummm. OK. I got it. The perfect word! 
Yes its a doggie word. I speak Doggie.  
What does it mean? 
Ask your doggie! They know. 
What is your word for the year my people? 
My doggie and writer buddies and cuzbos? What is your word? 
Pooh? Tink? Roscoe? Smok? 
Give me your word. I told you mine.