Monday, December 2, 2013


Gratitude to my Doggie Cuz 
For taking the role of 
Holiday Cheer
Imagine how silly I would look in a Reindeer hat. 
I can see you are thinking about it Effe.
Effe come over and chase lizards.
That will get you out of your holiday funk. 


teresa1959 said...

I spoke to Effie, and she says she is honored to participate in Edel's blog. She also said thank you for the invite to hunt Geckos. It is her favorite thing in the whole world!

Kathleen Caron said...

I've never been able to get a dog to keep those antlers on for more than 10 seconds, how did you do it?

Anastacia Maness said...

Edel, I think you would look lovely in a reindeer hat. Do you think your mom will try one out on you? I hope she shares a picture if she does.

La Mc Coy said...

Mama Anastacia,
I do not wear silly hats. I am a German Sheppard. We do important work. I leave hats to Jingle Bunny but he is out to the family and my good cuz Effe filled in. She was a good sport but has served her time! Edelweiss.