Monday, October 29, 2012

My Egg

What does a Girl have to Do to get her Egg?
Every morning Mom gives me an Egg.
But trust me People that is no easy process.
IT takes forever of shuffling and scratching to get Mom awake.
Gotta get her awake, not mad.
She wanders around.
Runs the noise maker on the floor.
Then, if you People can even imagine such a thing
She runs water on her head.
Who would volunteer for that?
Then, we Sit. We Stay, but not for long. I have to keep control.
Out we go to check the lizards.
Mom says, "Edel ready for your egg?"
(No People, I never mention I am always ready.)
We come in. Mom wanders.
Later Mom finally says, "Edel, I need to give you your egg."
The fridge opens.
Glory Be. Out comes the Egg!
Mom chops my egg.
I gulp.
Yea, People. This is pretty much everyday.

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