Monday, October 8, 2012

Edels BIG Adventure

I had a big Adventure.
I popped up on the fence and it opened.
Fast as I could I went to my good neighbor Buddy's spread, Jasper'. Then I checked out my other barking buddies' place Zaggy. I guess every body was taking a nap because no one said a "Wolf, Wolf".
I looked over my shoulder and I was all alone. Not Doggie good. We like to travel in packs.
Usually my Mom follows me on my walks. She says stuff like, "Come. Edel." "You're in big trouble Edel." "Let's go home Edel."
You know, stuff like that.
But I was all alone.
I was so glad when I say my dad.
Dad said,
"Come Edel, Come Girl." So sweet.
Do you know what?
I went right to him. I was so glad to see my dad.
I was even glad to see my mom.

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