Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mom has been found.

Last week I mentioned 
To a few of you
My People 
That Mom was missing. 
Dad found her and brought her home late one evening. 
She was a little harried but mostly OK. 
If you People see her out wandering about 
Please bring her back. 
I have her pretty well trained to feed and water me. 
She let's me out and plays with me. 
While she was gone my brother and sister were here with me. 
We have a lot of fun and do things we can never tell Mom about. 
Still, I sorta miss Mom. 
Love you my People. 

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Katina Vaselopulos said...

So glad, Edel, your mom was found.
Dad must be a good finder,
Glad you had fun with brother and sister, even though you were missing mom.
Everyone goes away one time or another.
When they come back, we love each other more.
Mom would never leave you or dad all alone for too long!
Love to you, my friend!