Monday, December 15, 2014

Party Hat

My Good Writing Buddy 
Mr. William Pooh Hodges 
(You see his picture above) 
Atended a party in honor of his chief of staff,
Mrs. Hodges
In early November. 
He promised to give his party hat away to a reader of his blog.
"The Cat who Writes."
I understand I was a favorite for the hat,
But Pooh could not make a final choice.
Mrs Hodges ended up sending out 
Oodles of party hats to Pooh's readers. 

It was so much fun getting your hat Pooh. 
I smelled and sniffed the box. 
I could smell you, but you never came out of the box.
I keep waiting for you to come over and play. 
Today I sniffed the hat and it smells more like me than you now. 

What? No Mom won't let me put it on. 
For some reason she is convinced I might eat it. 
Thank you Pooh and Mrs Hodges. 

This is Pooh's Blog address. 
Hop on over and visit him.

Mrs Hodges blogs here.
I like it when Mom reads her blog to me. 

1 comment:

Katina Vaselopulos said...

Interesting post, Edel! Nice photo of the box and its content. Glad you are friends with Pooh. He is a beautiful cat and a great writer. I see you too are expanding also. I like reading your thoughts.
One question: Would you eat the hat if mom let you wear it?