Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Big Adventure: Charilie

You People remember 
He stared on my blog a few weeks ago in a very relaxed position. 
Here he is alert and ready to tell his story. 
Charlie went on a big adventure. 
His family was worried sick about him and spent nights walked the neighborhood calling, 
"Charlie! Charlie!"
Charlie did not hear them. 
He was on a big adventure. 
Mom was worried about him. 
Honestly I was a bit worried about him. 
Mom says stuff can happen out in the night. 
Dad walks me past Raccoons with big claws. 
I would not be surprised of a dangerous encounter. 
I have never stayed away from home over night. 
Mom gets mad if I leave and don't take her. 
Actually she gets mad when I go for a walk and take her just a few steps behind me. 
Charlie, Tell us your big adventure. 
Charlie is not talking. 
Ok Charlie. 
Just whisper it in my ear. 
Come on Charlie.
Tell me. 

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