Sunday, March 2, 2014

W. Pooh H. Writes

Dear My People, Doggie friends and other species readers, 
I am pleased to contribute my 2 cents to the celebration of 
Mr. William Pooh Hodges 
Drum roll please.....
Pooh has finished his first book. 
It  is for free on his website
Pooh is one of my favorite writers. 
I like to read his blog for management advice. 
He runs his household and I run my neighborhood. 
I like to get his advice on my problems. 
His typist is Mrs Hodges, She blogs at
Mrs Hodges slept in a dog kennel with the new puppy, Molly. 
It is a great story. Read it People. 
My Book is on my website and also free. 
"What is that My People?" 
"Do I agree that Cats are better than Doggies?" 
My people you know my take on that. 
In moms writing class the Tribe Writers I have learned that I can support my fellow writers right to write. I do not have to always agree with them. 
Actually for me the best part of the book is by Pooh's bodyguard Martha. 
I did read the book with an open mind and still have a lot of unanswered questions. 
I mailed my questions directly to Pooh. 
So I am looking forward to the next section of the book Pooh writes. 
Get the book my People. 
Read it to your doggies and kitties. 
I may try paw painting on my copy! 
Love you all my People. 

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Joan Hall said...

Edel - We loved your review, and can agree to disagree. Maggie agrees with you, BTW. And you know what? We love doggies!

Tucker & Cruz