Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year Resolutions

Mom asked my New Year Resolutions.
Mom listed People Resolutions and I gave her Doggie grrrrs:
1. Eat Better: More Iams, Chicken, Eggs. Fresh meat (Mom said don't even go there.What did she mean?)
2. Loose Weight: I'm German Sheppard perfect and don't need to loose weight. Mom groaned.
3. More Exercise: Chase more Squirrels. Lead Mom on long runs!  Mom over her .D...What I did not catch that?
4. Fix habits: Bark more. Mom sighed.
Mom said she gave up because I am not trying.
I am trying.
People. Think about it: What does a Doggie Like to Do?


katina Vaselopulos said...

O EDel, I am curious what mom would say if I told her "No resolutions this year!"

Happy New Year EDel!

But really,you should try legumes and vegies instead of meat. They are tastier, helthier, and better for you. On that, I agree with mom.

Anastacia Maness said...

I don't know how I missed this post, Edel.

I love your New Years Resolutions. You should get your Mom some ear muffs to help with your barking goal. LOL

This is now the second week in the New Year. Are you reaching your goals? :)