Monday, April 23, 2012

Mom's a Thief

I was robbed!
We have got to report Mom for Theft!
Here's the scoop:
I was just sitting there. Being good.
(I am always good.)
Mom sneaks up on me and steals one of my paw nails.
I am sure that is not legal.
Imagine stealing a Doggie's nail.
I want my nails right where I keep them!
It is very insulting to a Doggie to be short a paw nail
How much do you think she got for my paw nail?


teresa1959 said...

shame on her Edel! Do u want me to let her know that u are upset?

La Mc Coy said...

Dear Auntie,
Maybe you better.
Biting her is not working!
Love you! Edelweiss.

teresa1959 said...

ok I will give her a piece of my mind on your behalf. Cuz biting probably not such a good idea. Not good to bite the hand that feeds you.
aunt freef